About Us


Kuhrt Ranch is managed by Paul and Tess Flanders. Paul is the fifth generation of his family to manage the family farm and hunting enterprise, and, like his fathers before him, he was born and raised here on the farm in Edson, in Northwest Kansas.As he grew up, Paul acquired the skills to work side by side with his father and mother, Brent and Diana Flanders, learning all aspects of the ranch, from farm and ranching to managing the resort. Tess was born and raised only 20 miles away in Goodland, Kansas, and loves calling the Kuhrt Ranch her home since she and Paul were married in 2009. She is always helping everyone keep organized and on schedule, while also caring for the 6th generation on the ranch,  daughters Dylan and Addy and son Bray.

Those Humble Beginnings

The Kuhrt Ranch began as a one-room sod house, known as Shermanville, in the 1880's. Even then, travelers found it a welcome respite and shelter on their journey. The property was purchased by William and Pauline Kuhrt in 1891, and renamed the Kuhrt Ranch, a landmark so noteworthy that it is today listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Kuhrts have a deep loyalty to their family, ranch and community. Three of the four children of William and Pauline remained unmarried and lived on the ranch until their deaths. Today, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations are committed to the preservation and restoration of the ranch, and dedicated to providing continued hospitality, historic ambiance, and outdoor adventure for their guests.

- William Kuhrt Family, 1914

First & Second Generation

William and Pauline Kuhrt raised four children on the ranch: Eugene, Emilie, Paul and Gertrude. Together, they worked on the farm and ranched until all passed away, and the ranch was passed on to the only heir, Jim Flanders, son of Raleigh and Gertrude Kuhrt Flanders.

Third Generation Passing It On

Today, Jim Flanders is retired, though he and his wife Annette live on the ranch and help with all the daily activities. Jim can often be found riding around the ranch on his 4-wheeler and loves to stop and visit about the history of the ranch.

- Jim and Annette Flanders

Jim Flanders, with Paul Kuhrt (Senior) showing livestock in 1963.

Jim Flanders and 5th Generation, Paul Kuhrt, visit with a hunter on the Ranch.

Fourth Generation

Brent and Diana Flanders managed Kuhrt Ranch for many years...hunting, hospitality, farming and ranching have kept the two of them on the go, and they are very pleased to turn the reins over to their children in the operation of the ranch.They, like Jim, are...Passing It On!

- Brent and Diana Flanders